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Architecture, Design & Creative Fabrication through Critical Making

Casting a Void / Atelier La Juntana + VCU Arts / Doha, Qatar / 2019 / Coloured Jesmonite Cast / 1:100

Casting a Void

As part of the Tasmeen Doha 2019 Art & Design Biennale, Atelier La Juntana and VCU Arts Qatar organized two half a day workshops exploring the potential of reversed casting as a creative tool.

Starting with an ideal void, day 1 participants were asked to create a void that defines a shelter, casting the negative in coloured Jesmonite resin. Each design was then communicated through a written story given as inspiration for day 2 participants, which created their own configuration following the narrative.

Once both designs were finished they were shared and compared to understand how the same story can inspire different outcomes. The extraordinary collection of casts produced was then exhibited as part of the Tasmeen Doha week in Qatar in March 2019.