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London Skyline Towers / Atelier La Juntana / London, United Kingdom / 2015 / Etchec Plexiglass and IPE wood / 1:1350

London love its towers. They are designed, scrutinised, and, if they are lucky, embraced by its people, breaking through the skyline, and getting an appropriate nickname.

London Skyline Towers is an educational, evolving and dynamic low consumption LED lamp which pays tribute to the city’s architectural masterpieces. It is formed by a collection of acrylic glass etched towers, realised at 1:1350 scale, featuring the most iconic skyscrapers in London. Although the collection starts with five buildings, it will be enriched by one new tower each year, available exclusively to the lamp holder, matching the ever-changing London urban horizon.

When placing the tower on the lamp base, the light breaks through the etched façade pattern, unveiling the essence of each architecture, and lighting up London’s unique skyline. Elements can be rearranged, and when lifted, information regarding the building and the architect is revealed. This knowledge disappears once the model is placed back in the base, challenging the user to memorise, remember and play with the collection.

London Skyline Tower lamp is a limited edition to 175 numbered unique units, made and designed in the United Kingdom.