Liencres, Cantabria (Spain)

Architecture, Design & Creative Fabrication through Critical Making

Montenegrin Pavilion Venice Biennale 2019 / Venice / 2019 / Terracota Cast Plaster / 1:1

Why are the umbrellas not falling apart in the sun – or at least growing in the rain?
Cedric Price

Wo/man Under Umbrella”
Commissioner: Dušan Vuksanović
Curator: Sonja Radovic Jelovac
Exhibitors: Rosa Rogina, Armor Gutierrez Rivas, Ida Blažičko, Francois Vahe, Krešimir Rogina

The 16th Architecture Venice Biennale Montenegrin Pavilion aims to critically analyse the idea of architecture as an expanded practice through a tripartite exhibition proposal accompanied by a publication and networking that will attempt to answer to some of these and other similar questions. The proposal intends to deal with simple and understandable messages, overwhelming branding power of the site-specific installation and tactility of specifically in-situ crafted models as an identification tool engaging not only famous architects as guests but the general public. There is no simpler image than a (wo)man under the umbrella, all spatiality could be reduced to this existentialistic poetic image, and it is a vigorous communication tool as well.