Liencres, Cantabria (Spain)

Architecture, Design & Creative Fabrication through Critical Making

New Design University Workshop / St Polten, Austria / 2020 / Mixed Media / 1:1

Making as a Critical Practice Rosa Rogina & Armor Gutierrez Rivas

Workshop organised in collaboration with New Design University, St Polten, Austria

The hand is the window to the mind
Immanuel Kant

The craft of making physical things provides insight into the techniques of experience that can shape our dealings with otherThe Craftsman, Richard Sennett

During this 4-days hands-on workshop, we invited participants to explore the role of making in the production of new knowledge and its responsibilities in a wider socio-environmental debate.

The process started with participants developing a number of prototypes using digital production techniques. The prototypes are part of a wider project research and are designed to improve the user experience, acoustic and aesthetic conditions of the multifunctional concert-hall of St Polten, bringing new life to the space.

Once these prototypes were finalised participants developed a number of one-sided plaster backed silicone moulds that facilitated an exploration of materiality through casting. Each making process was accompanied with a short writing exercise through which students articulated the rationale behind selecting certain materials while reflecting on how the material and/or its making method could be used beyond the concert-hall.

The making processes should express the agenda and relate to the overall concept of each individual project through exploration of different materials, its qualities and fabrication techniques. Students are encouraged to work with materials that are reclaimed and sustainable.This exploration will include a number of fabrication techniques which participants are encouraged to modify and iterate, creating unique materials and tectonics

More information regarding the workshop can be found at link below:

Link to the workshop booklet