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NUW New Urban Worms / Venice Biennale, Cite de l´Architecture Paris / Venice, Italy / 2010 / Polyester and IPE wood / 1:100

New Urban Worms – Gaudi Competition on Sustainable Architecture

In 2010 we were selected to deliver a conceptual proposal for a temporary installation that could colonise urban voids in our cities, creating a symbiosis of functions in an urban parasite. As part of the competition 10 teams were selected to develop their projects during 3 workshops that took place at different locations around Europe, including the Domaine du Boisbuchet, Berlin or Paris. The results were exhibited at the Wonderland Pavilion during the 2010 Venice Architecture Biennale.

New Urban Worms, a new nomadic residential form which is, literally, planted on existing facades, is a large scale urban interpretation of the Rucksack House of the German sculptor Stefan Eberstadt. Every city is engaged in a search for innovative solutions to the shortage of building land which raises issues of urban identity and aesthetics. Thus – while located in Madrid- This project is aimed at all metropolises.

The aim is to increase densities by hanging clusters of small cubic units to such places as the cornices of existing buildings. This small living or working spaces can be multiply into a sinusoidal, architectural worm, running across the facade.

The morphological form is invertebrate – a flexible body, which can be stretched horizontally and vertically – and is both dependent upon and yet completely autonomous from the existing building, in that the occupant is free to choose where and whether to hang the structure to create the extra space. And it can be applied to a wide range of buildings – offices, bridge, basilica…

The units are clad with differing materials, alternating photovoltaic and polycarbonate panels which form the worm’s walls create and aesthetic which is both powerful and playful while also guaranteeing an adequate energy supply.

The random way in which this units can be fixed at strategic points in the city create elements of surprise: real parasite which also serve to criticise the shortcomings of the European city.

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